WhatsApp and HubSpot Integration

Created an app integration enabling message sending within HubSpot CRM, message syncing, workflow triggers, and a comprehensive dashboard.

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  • 1:1 messaging from within HubSpot
  • See the conversation history on a Contact’s Timeline on HubSpot
  • Send text/photos/videos/URLs
  • Receive and record all incoming messages
  • Create and store message templates
  • Use WhatsApp messages as Triggers in HubSpot workflows
  • Manage all your sales conversations within HubSpot

Image Compression App

Automatically compress HubSpot images, optimizing page load speed by reducing image size.

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  • Compress all existing images on your HubSpot site
  • Compress any new images being uploaded onto your HubSpot site
  • No discernible loss in image quality
  • Improve SEO as you gain faster page speeds with lighter image files

WhatsApp Cloud Automation

Utilize the WhatsApp cloud API to send automated messages, supporting automated replies, a live messages dashboard, and seamless integration with HubSpot.


  • Send Campaign using HubSpot workflows to contacts
  • Setup auto-reply to customer queries
  • Build a WhatsApp chatbot


WhatsApp Web customization using Chrome extension

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  • Realtime sync WhatsApp messages to HubSpot (it intercepts socket connection and parses messages to live update)
  • Create or Update Contacts from WhatsApp web
  • Create or Update Deals from WhatsApp web
  • Create or Update Notes from WhatsApp web

Twitter Automation

Constructed a Twitter automation tool for scheduled retweets based on user-set schedules.

RUT Validator

Developed functionality for a Chile-based company to validate HubSpot contacts using RUT numbers (equivalent to Aadhar).

LinkedIn Scraper

Built a data scraper that fetches company data from LinkedIn, identifies its employees, and extracts their job roles and experience to locate potential product leads.


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  • Uses Hugo to render Markdown pages
  • Powered by ▲ Vercel for hosting and DigitalOcean for domain management